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MENTAL SHIFT: SON OF MAN Writes On Buhari’s Comment on Nigeria Youths

One of Nigeria’s finest comedian, Son Of Man, has reacted through his usual mental
Shift series, to the comment made by the President and commander in chief of the armed forces, Mohammadu Buhari, in which he regareded Nigeria Youths as being Lazy.  The comedian in his grievance, however made this lengthy statement to the President.

The following words emanated from his reactions;


A Piece by SON OF MAN


Nigeria, Africa and the world at large experienced a shock from Nigeria’s President, Mohammadu Buhari at the common wealth business forum in    Westminster on 18th, April, 2018.

He said and I quote,

“Nigeria youths are lazy, uneducated, don’t like to do any work because they believe THEIR (mark that word) country is an oil rich nation, they’re always wanting free oil money”. 

These got so many Nigeria youths at home and diaspora mad, waking up to kick against  the president’s speech. We saw a lot of social media posts from Nigeria youths across the globe posting their area of specialization, telling the world that we are hardworking youths. After hearing and reading the president’s speech, I asked myself these questions;

1. Is this man truly Nigeria president?

2. Is he the actual person majority of Nigeria youths voted for?

3. What has been his contribution to the youths when he was in power as the head of state and serving president 1983-1985 and 2015 till date?

4. What infrastructure has he built for the youths to work in his locality, (Daura), state (Kastina), as a federal commissioner of petroleum and natural resources, governor of north-eastern state and borno state, head of state and currently president of Nigeria?

President Mohammadu Buhari has been feeding on Nigeria oil money from his early days till date.
Having functioned in those offices (Governor of north-eastern state, borno state, federal commissioner of petroleum and natural resources, head of state, and being paid  Nigeria oil money as former army general, head of state, etc for many years and cannot purchase a presidential ticket for your pursuit and ambition for presidency in 2015. Then, I am in agreement with my spirit that the incumbent president is LAZY waiting for his party chieftains to purchase his presidential ticket. It is duty of a leader to cover the loop holes of those he presides in public but for our President, reverse is the case. He didn’t just disgrace the youths locally but he disgraced the youth internationally. Always casting all your failure on the previous government.

As a newly elected president, he converted the nation’s treasury into a single account, not appointing cabinet members for months, leaving Nigeria youths to suffer in their various businesses. This made so many Nigeria youths to loss their job at various specializations. Promising the youths 3,000 job opportunity and not given one. As a President voted into office by Nigerians, mostly Nigeria youths, It is his duty to empower the youths. with what to do to those who are jobless and took their time to vote you into office.
I am currently a Nigeria youth and I challenge the president, I’ve worked for almost everything I own, my parents single handly sponsored my education from nursery to secondary school and I am currently sponsoring my tertiary the best I can without any governmental aid but in your days in school,  you had free school, free food, etc.

Having made some researches about the President’s education. It’s clear that the President didn’t finish secondary school, not having SSCE certificate till date which was proven before and after the general election, 2015. Of course, the one presented was manipulated, it didn’t match as of when he said he finished secondary school. For this course, if there is any one uneducated. I think it’s you with due respect his excellency.

Today, I questioned your achievements and impacts to the Nigeria youths having served and still serving in various offices as federal commissioner of petroleum and natural resources (March 1976 – June 1978),
governor of north-eastern state and borno state (1975-1976 and 1976-1976) respectively,
head of state (1983-1985), and
Currently serving Nigeria president (may 2015 – till date).
90-95% of Nigeria youths in diaspora went there on their account and hustle, and support from their family and friends sometimes.

The joblessness in this country made many to travel to Libya mostly by road, which lead to their slavery in Libya and the president did nothing about it to bring them back the survival of the situation back home as of when it was really hot there. Oh, what a president?
Not to go into the youths killed by Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, the ones the python dance army killed in Abia state.

The hardworking under 17 Golden eaglet that won trophy. Was it not 7,500 you gave. Asking what they will use money for?

Promising every youth in Nigeria #5,000 during your Presidential Campaign and had not fulfilled this for 3 years now. Because it’s a promise that when elected President of Nigeria. The youths will be paid #5,000 monthly. Therefore, the President, you’re owning 180,000 in arias (may 2015- April 2018), and other Co-nigeria youths.

NigeriaYouth isn’t it?

I am not lazy and nobody can talk me down.

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